Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dais officers, Kerux Wand and the Enochian Tablets

The other day Pat Zalewski mentioned that Euan Campbell, a member of the Whare Ra who had attended the Grade of 9=2 (Magus), wanted to change the Enochian Tablets to incorporate the robe colors of the Co-Chiefs, much like the Kerux Wand reflects them. So what would a Tablet using the primary colors that the Co-Chiefs wear on the Outer Order dais look like? Perhaps it would look a little like this.

Is this what Campbell had in mind?
[Correction: Rereading what Zalewski wrote, Cambell was referring to the original colors of the Co-chiefs robes, and the original Kerux Wand, which were red, black and white. Despite that, the EOEW might still end up using this thought experiment in their rituals, just to test it out.]

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