Monday, July 2, 2018

Tenth annual July Smashwords ebook sale

It is once again time for Smashwords annual July ebook sale (July 1st to 31st).

(Some of these books are scheduled to be expanded and updated--if it has an asterisk [*], it is scheduled to be expanded and revised--in other words, if you want to get it cheap before the expansion, do it now because the price will be going up on these ebooks when I update them later.)

Discounted to $1.50 USD

Five Reasons Why Magic Fails

Golden Dawn Rituals--Three Officer Neophyte Script*

Rite of the Magical Images of the Wiccan Sabbats*

Witchy Rants (the Collected MDE Heaarthstone Community Church Newsletter articles)*

Denver Witch Quarterly: To Curse, Or Not To Curse--The Big Cursing Issue (Samhain/Yule 2016)

Denver Witch Quarterly: Wealth and the Lucky Witch (Imbolc/Ostara 2017)

Denver Witch Quarterly: Evil Witches Bind President Trump and His Administration--also Occult Writers and Payment (Beltane and Lithna 2017)

Gaius Corbin: Light Out of Darkness--Lux E Tenebris (Thelema and the Necronomicon)

Free ebooks on Smashwords

Denver Witch Quarterly: A Modest Magazine Proposal

MDE Hearthstone: Pizza Boxes on the Floor (2010)

MDE Hearthstone: Bad Monkey (2011)

MDE Hearthstone: Lunatic With a Soapbox (2012)

MDE Hearthstone: Biggest Witch on the Block (2013)

MDE Hearthstone: Thirteen Signs That Your Occult Teacher is Rotten (2014-2015)

MDE Hearthstone: Hex the Vote--Mad Uncle Morgan Talks About American Politics (2016)

Shakespeare's Monkey (a fiction and poetry collection)*

Esoteric Comedy Show: Assault With a Deadly Taco (Mad Uncle Morgan, I am--Your Face is Going to Freeze Like That)

Esoteric Comedy Show: Free Guns For Everyone--Lap Cats Are Good Too (A Big Gun Control Show)

This is one of my favorite book covers.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sealing the directions using IAO (reblogged from Nick Farrell)

Nick Farrell wrote: For a while I wondered why in the Sepher Yetzirah it refers to God by the name יהו instead of the more traditional tetragrammaton. This might be because the writer was using the name in Greek IAΩ. This name was the name given to the Tetragrammaton in the Greek translation of the Old Testament but was also a name given to Jupiter and was a mystical cry in the mystery rites. IAΩ was the letters of the sun, moon and Saturn in Greece, but it was also the first, middle and last letters of the alphabet. Translating it back into the original Greek it starts to make sense in that context.

He looked forward and sealed the East, with A I Ω.
He looked to the right and sealed the South, with Ω I A.
He looked behind and sealed the West, with Ω A I.
He looked to the left and sealed the north with A Ω I.
He looked below and sealed the deep, with I Ω A.
He looked above and sealed the height, with I A Ω.

Read the rest of the post "WMT (Western Mystery Tradition) Kabbalah is no longer my personal magical system's backbone" at

Monday, January 11, 2016

Custom made chalices

And now a word from one of our members:

Here are some of the chalices that were made recently. There is a large variety of symbols that can be used: Templar cross, Wicca pentacle, triple moon, and horned god. There are also several scrolls that can be applied. We have a variety of glaze colors to choose from; all of them are food safe. The chalices are hand thrown, underglazed and fired, then overglazed and fired a second time. The whole process from start to finish takes seven to eight weeks.

If you are interested in ordering a custom made chalice, check out Khari's Wiccan Treasures on Etsy.

Templar cross blue chalice. 

Templar cross green chalice. 

Wiccan trimple moon pentacle green chalice. 

Here is the selection of glaze colors to choose from. 

Red and black horned god chalice.

Green triple moon chalice. 

Golden brown triple moon chalice. 

Red and black triple moon chalice. 

Blue and green pentacle chalice. 

Blue pentacle chalice. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dais officers, Kerux Wand and the Enochian Tablets

The other day Pat Zalewski mentioned that Euan Campbell, a member of the Whare Ra who had attended the Grade of 9=2 (Magus), wanted to change the Enochian Tablets to incorporate the robe colors of the Co-Chiefs, much like the Kerux Wand reflects them. So what would a Tablet using the primary colors that the Co-Chiefs wear on the Outer Order dais look like? Perhaps it would look a little like this.

Is this what Campbell had in mind?
[Correction: Rereading what Zalewski wrote, Cambell was referring to the original colors of the Co-chiefs robes, and the original Kerux Wand, which were red, black and white. Despite that, the EOEW might still end up using this thought experiment in their rituals, just to test it out.]

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Enochian Tablet of the Northern Watchtower

Enochian Tablet of Earth and the North (artwork copyright 2014 BIORC).
Calling of the Northern Quarter (EOEW public ritual style):

Holy art thou, Guardians of the Watchtower of the North, rulers and spirits of the element of Earth. By the twelve stones of the zodiac, by the seven metals, by the buried talismans, by the axis of the lodestone that passes through the Earth, we seek to know you. Come attend our ritual tonight, bringing us you stability. Hail and welcome!

Dismissal of the Northern Quarter (EOEW public ritual style):

Thank you, Guardians of the Watchtower of the North, rulers and spirits of the element of Earth, for attending our ritual tonight. May your presence continue to strengthen and support us. Hail and farewell!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Not connected with the Chrysi Augi

Let it be known that the Ba Iset Order of the Rosy Cross (Evolving Order of Eclectic Ways/Ba Iset Order of the Golden Dawn) is in no way connected to the organization of the Greek political party known as  Chrysi Augi (which Greek name translated in English means "Golden Dawn").

Our Order has nothing in common with the Chrysi Augi which is a political organization with possible Neo-Nazi leanings.

The BIORC/EOEW/BIOGD is an organization devoted to the study of esoteric knowledge of the Western Mystery Tradition popularized by the lodge system started in 1888 by William Westcott and Samuel Mathers, an Order that is occasionally referred to by the name Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (not to be confused with the two modern groups that currently hold the trademark of that name--which the BIORC also has no organizational link to).

[This blog post was in response to a blog post written by Donald Michael Kraig.]

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Layers of a Godform

One of the ideas that has influenced the material of the BIOGD/BIORC is the idea that the Godforms are constructed from many layers. The Godform of Isis is not the goddess Isis (Ancient Egyptian version or otherwise), rather it is a set of correspondences and energies layered upon one another that allows the Adept to tap into the energies of the cosmic pool that Isis is the guardian of without having to be a devotee of the goddess herself. This is why a Christian RR et AC member can tap into the energies of Osiris and Isis and still be a good Christian, and a pagan can invoke Jesus without having to abandon their gods and goddesses. Needless to say, there are some who consider this a debasement of the truth of "fill in the blank" religion, and an attempt to enslave some aspect of the divine in service of a falsehood--those people are not welcome in the Halls of the Initiates.

The member who introduced the idea of Godform layers into the BIORC was a member of a course ran by Samuel Robinson (Frater Maui), and later advanced to the 6=5 level of Pat Zalewski's Inner Order Course--the idea of Godform layers were part of the BIORC by 2008 (perhaps earlier--bad record keeping abounds in the unindexed stacks). The idea was lifted from Robinson's course, and was a scaffold for organizing material from Zaleweski's course--it was also a way to organize the study of the energetics of the Grade rituals of the Golden Dawn system.

This system of Godform layers was published by Samuel Robinson a couple of years ago in his book, Rosicrucian Tradition of the Golden Dawn: Revealing the Alchemy and Theurgy of the RR et AC. The layers as published by Robinson are slightly different than the version introduced originally into the BIORC system, which took the form of a seven layered system--the two versions are essentially the same, just broke down slightly different. BIORC has decided to use the published version in public, and the original seven layer version in private (which is why members of the BIORC refer to "Seven Layers" rather than six and/or ten layers that the published version has, and the number 67810 actually means something to an Adept of the BIORC).

[The following is written from notes jotted down awhile back during a borrowed reading of Rosicrucian Tradition of the GD, and not directly from the book itself, therefore it differs slightly (or maybe a lot) from what Robinson wrote in his book.]

The first layer is the Guph (Malkuth) of the Godform--this is the physical location of the Godform and its seat of operations in ritual. Golden Dawn tradition refers to those Godforms which are centered on and travel with a ritual officer as having a "Visible Stations." Stationary Godforms anchored to a part of the Temple and/or Admission Badge are said to have an "Invisible Station." There are also a set of Godforms that move during ritual without anchorage to an officer; depending upon whether the Godform's path is mappable or not, these Godforms are said to be "Circuited" or "Free-floating."

The second layer is the Nepesch (Yesod) of the Godform--this corresponds to the Enochian Square assigned to the Godform. This layer tends to operate instinctive, below the level of consciousness, which is one of the reasons that the BIORC does not consider the Enochian Tablets to reach above the world of the elements and planets (in other words, the Enochian system is not considered by the BIORC to be the most advanced magical energies contained in the GD system).

The third layer is the Ruach of the Godform--the conscious deity aspect of the Godform, a form of astral body. With Egyptian based Godforms, Hod is associated with the Coptic Name of the god or goddess that the Godform is based on. With the pseudo-Egyptian Godforms, the name is bastardized Coptic. Godforms based on other "pantheons" [sic] are based on the native languages of their respective cultures. The mythology of the god is assigned to Netzach; the parts of the mythology that do not support its Golden Dawn Godform counterpart are generally discarded. Tiphareth, Geburah, and Chesed are assigned the image and coloring of the Godform--every tool, symbol, and color are placed in the built-up image for a reason.

The fourth layer is the Neschamah of the Godform; this layer is assigned to Binah on the Tree of Life. This layer is associated with the Vault of the Adepts; in particular, each Godform is associated with a corresponding square from one of the walls of the Vault of the Adepti.

The fifth layer is the Chiah of the Godform, its Chokmah. This layer consists of the astrological, archetypal forces behind the Godform, as well as the associated Tarot card as described in the Golden Dawn documents.

The sixth layer is the Yechidah of the Godform, its Kether. According to the published work of Robinson, this layer is the Divine Name from the Hebrew Kabbalah that rules the preceding layer. This is the layer that most upsets the most vocal critics of this method of Godform creation and analysis, for they view it as an attempt to enslave a portion of a true divine entity to a falsehood--of course, by their standards, all members of the GD are heretics, even the most devout.