Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thanks for 30 years of service to the Golden Dawn

The Golden Dawn community thanks the Ciceros for 30 years of service to the Golden Dawn tradition.
June 24th marks the 30th anniversary of the 1982 consecration by Israel Regardie of a Vault of the Adepti in Columbus, Georgia. Regardie also presided over the initation of two Adept Minors during that same week. This Vault was built by Chic and Tabitha Cicero. This event marks both the rebirth of Golden Dawn in the United States and the start of Inner Order service by the Ciceros to the greater Golden Dawn community.

(Overseas, during the same year, Pat and Chris Zalewski re-establish a branch of the Golden Dawn in New Zealand. For this reason, many of us consider 1982 to be the birth year of the current Golden Dawn community--Golden Dawn having fallen into disuse in the decades previous to this.)

For the curious, a Vault of the Adepti is necessary for initiations into the Adept Grades of the Golden Dawn (RR et AC) Second (Inner) Order. Without it, the system can only be performed up to the Grade of Portal. It is basically a seven sided chamber with multicolored walls, which can best be described as a "magical nuclear reactor."

The Ba Iset Order of the Rosy Cross (Golden Dawn in the Outer) would like to extend thanks to the Ciceros, and to the memory of Israel Regardie, on this 30th anniversary. May LVX continue to shine on our noble tradition.

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