Thursday, May 17, 2012


The BIOGD/BIORC was formed in 1998 under the original name EOEW. In 2000, a major shift in focus occurred with the formation of Bast Temple. In 2004, in light of the ongoing Golden Dawn trademark dispute, it was decided to use the names BIOGD and BIORC to differentiate the group from the two parties using the name "Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn."

The BIORC combines several esoteric streams in its system. The principal stream is a variation of the tradition commonly known as Golden Dawn. The BIORC Golden Dawn variation is primarily based on the published Golden Dawn material, supplimented by some unpublished information from an oral tradition of a previous lineage.

In 2000, during the formation of Bast Temple, it was decided to declare the system a new lineage, despite the fact that its founder has been a member of several previous esoteric groups. As such, the BIORC only answers to its founder and its current membership. This decision mirrors a decision that was taken during the initial days of the EOEW.

Our place and role in the ongoing trademark dispute is not self-chosen, rather the membership of one side declared that we were an enemy supporting the opposite side. The BIORC would have preferred to be a neutral party to the ongoing conflict, but circumstances dictated otherwise. Being cast as an enemy of the one side essentially made us an enemy of that side, and so it goes.

While the BIORC acknowledges the possibility of the existence of Secret Chiefs/Third Order, its bylaws state that statements by any physical person or astral (spiritual) entity claiming to be a Secret Chief or their representative will be viewed as suggestions only. In the past, claims of contact with Secret Chiefs/Third Order has been used to disguise and justify bad decisions and behaviors by occult leaders; this is an ongoing problem. Because of the potential for abuse, the BIORC will never allow itself to be ruled by anyone whose sole claim to authority lays in their contact with Secret Chiefs/Third Order whether that contact is physical or astral. 

The BIORC believes that the Golden Dawn system developed from the "bottom up." Furthermore, it believes that each member can become an expert in a speciality and contribute additional knowledge and experience to the whole.

The BIORC does not believe in the use of absolute secrecy, believing that the only way to truly insure the mysteries is to reveal sufficient information to the public. The use of secrecy by the BIORC is to primarily protect its membership.

This blog is maintained by the BIORC to provide information to the public about its lore and operations.

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